Less Talk


A Self-Guided How-To Manual for Teacher Development


By Ken Moss



Dedicated to passionate teachers everywhere,

at every level, in any subject-



Original copyright 1997 and subsequently expanded here in 2014 by Ken Moss, all rights reserved



Topics Addressed in the Text

Talking Heads

Getting Acquainted with Neighborhood



Ideal Presentation Length


Roles for Learning Facilitators



The Sound of What Works


Three Dimensions of Learning



Presentation as Introduction


Taking Center Stage



Rhythms of Good Lessons


Raising Presentations to the Level of Art



Pedagogical Lesson Planning


Modalities of Human Learning



Computer Use in Teacher Prep


Fostering Individual Expression



Models of Lesson Plan Design





Planned Spontaneity


Establishing Written Communication



Classroom Architecture


Moderating Discussions



The 2% rule





Classical Education Revisited


Group Process Commentator



Redefining Curriculum


The Supernumerary



The Real World


Restoring Community



Getting to Know Students


Redefining At-Home Work



Checking In


Strategies for Assessment



Sticking Points






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Part II